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Quella Coffee&Crystals from MEC3! 

At MacBake, we offer a delightful selection of glazed cherries from Agrifreda:

Bubble Tea from MEC3


Laped Italia – 3 Day Demo

Introducing Granfrutta Mulberry:


About Us

Founded in 1996, MacBake takes pride in an extensive portfolio of raw materials and semi-finished products widely stocked all over the island in leading Industrial and Artisanal Bakeries, Patissiers, Hotels, Restaurant and Pastizzerias amongst other outlets. We are one of the leading sales and distribution companies on the island thanks to the quality products which we have in our portfolio.


Discover Master Martini

Master Martini is the brand dedicated to the line of artisan products by Unigra' a company with more than 40 years experience in the transformation and sale of cooking oils and fats, margarines, and semi-processed products for use in the food sector, in particular bread and pastry making. Unigra is synonymous with high quality and it enforces this by having the entire process looked after from one location: from the production of raw materials to the development of the finished product, all supported by sustainable energy technologies.

Explore Zeelandia

Founded in 1900, Zeelandia has become a leading player when it comes to bakery ingredients worldwide. From bread improvers and mixes to pastry mixes, fillings and release agents, at MacBake we can help you choose the right Zeelandia products for your creations

Explore Smet

Smet Chocolaterie has been a pioneer in the chocolate industry for more than five decades producing high-quality products that exceed the industrial customers’ expectations.

Smet manufacture semi-finished products, from chocolate shavings to filled or printed chocolates, and more. Smet also specialises in final products including chocolate hollow figures in a range of shapes, and sizes, and colours.

Smet owns state-of-the-art production facilities, taking all reasonable measures to ensure flawless food safety, quality, hygiene, and traceability whilst working with various experts in baking and desserts, dairy, cereal, wholesale and foodservice, and confectionary.