Introducing Granfrutta Mulberry:

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Introducing Granfrutta Mulberry:

The Fruit Revolution in Gelato Making! 🍇

Experience the magic of MEC3 technology combined with artisanal craftsmanship, bringing you a new line of high-dosage pastes for luscious fruit sorbets.

🌟 Why Granfrutta?

✅ High percentage of real fruit
✅ Carefully selected raw materials
✅ Guaranteed quality standards
✅ Convenience: Just add water!

🚫 No Emulsifiers. No Vegetable Fats. No Gluten. No Allergens.

📊 Dosage Guidelines:

🔹 Per litre: 785g of Granfrutta Mulberry + 1L of water
🔹 Per tray: 1.65kg of Granfrutta Mulberry + 2.1L of water
🔹 Per ice-lolly: 500g of Granfrutta Mulberry + 1L of water

👩‍🍳 Preparation Tips:

✨ Blend the mixture with a blender and stir briefly for optimal results.
✨ For extra creaminess, add 5g of Softin (code 06069) per kg of mixture.

📦 Sales Component:

🔸 Box containing 2 x 5kg buckets

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